5 individuals discuss how rebound relationships assisted them in finding a more suitable mate.

Although the idea of moving on from a relationship with a casual activity is often disputed, it really serves a useful purpose. Some people find that rebound relationships are fantastic.

After you've gotten over your ex and had some fun being completely self-absorbed, you'll be better prepared to go on to a healthier relationship.

With that in mind, we present to you five individuals who, after a rebound romance, went on to discover a more suitable life mate.

I met a pleasant woman in the neighborhood tavern after breaking up with my fiancée. We talked for hours before sleeping at my place. I felt free since no one judged my preferences. She laughed and drank with me without judging me, like the girl. My ex was just the opposite. Later, I realized I needed someone who didn't condemn me."

I briefly dated a guy after breaking up with my two-year boyfriend. He cheated on me, but I refused to feel horrible. The rebound man was very kind and patiently sat by me while I grieved over my locked up sentiments. He never sought emotional attachment since he understood I wasn't ready. His presence calmingly affected me. I never cry over dumb boys anymore.”

I vowed not to cry again, so one night after my split, I went to the club with my friends to celebrate. Some geeky guy with friends came to the club and caught my interest. I had a great time with him, and he asked for my number. I wasn't ready for another emotional relationship, but a few dates were OK. I'm pleased I did since we're getting married four years later!"

“My ex-girlfriend always trampled me. She always thought she was better and degraded me. She dumped me! My friends had me go to a party where I met a female. We kissed and dated. She underlined their informal relationship. The best part was that she never made me feel bad or lied to me. She supported me like a friend (with sex). I met a reputable person after she helped me overcome my experience. I learned that from rebound girl.”

“My rebound partner sometimes gave me roses and chocolates. He treated me how a spouse would like to be treated. He always did things, even though we were clearly not emotionally together.”

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