9 Best $20-Million Priced Rare Bicentennial Quarters and 6 More Worth Over $950,000

Coin collecting is exciting and profitable, especially with rare findings like the Bicentennial Quarters. These 1976 quarters, commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, are collectors' dreams. Rare and valuable ones stick out. This listicle will examine 9 Bicentennial Quarters over $20 million and 6 others worth over $950,000, examining what makes them special and valuable.

The $20 million quarter is a numismatic wonder. A minting mistake caused the coin's double die obverse. This inaccuracy gave the coin's date and "IN GOD WE TRUST" a distinctive visual appearance, making it unusual for collectors.

Another $20 million diamond, this quarter's off-center strike is notable. This fault happened when the coin blank was misaligned with the dies during striking. A coin with an off-center picture is unusual and valuable in coin collecting.

This $20 million quarter is overstruck on a 1941 Canadian quarter, making it unusual. A unique collector's treasure, it shows a remarkable minting fault with overlapping pictures and text from two coins.

Some 1976 Bicentennial quarters were erroneously produced in silver, a metal not used since 1964. Collectors cherish this unusual composition error, which has raised its worth to $20 million.

A ‘S’ mintmark is typical of San Francisco mint proof coins. However, several Bicentennial quarters fell short. These rare ‘No S’ coins are worth $20 million due to their odd omission.

Broadstruck quarters are struck outside the retaining collar. A wider, deformed coin develops without the collar to define its edges. This miscalculation in several Bicentennial quarters has raised their worth to $20 million.

This $20 million quarter was clipped during production. The metal sheet was poorly fed during minting, leaving part of the coin missing. Coins with this mistake are rare and valuable.

A partial collar skewed the edge of this $20 million quarter. The mistake gives the coin a unique appearance with a thicker edge.

When the minting press strikes a quarter many times, it's worth $20 million. Each coin is unique and precious because to this error's overlapping and distorted design.

Though not $20 million, this quarter is believed to be worth about $950,000. Each quarter was supposed to have the 1776-1976 bicentennial dates, therefore this is an unusual occurrence.

The design of this $950,000 quarter was altered by a misaligned die. A uncommon discovery and important addition to any collection due to this mistake.

Rare Bicentennial Quarters are treasures for collectors because of their unique stories and errors. From double die obverses to overstruck faults, these coins depict American history and the fascinating world of minting defects and currency worth. Coin collectors and aficionados view these quarters as unique treasures that capture the rich and unexpected coin minting process.

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