According to the findings of a study, drinking any of these two beverages can reduce the likelihood of passing away as a result of a sickness.

Because of the COVID epidemic, all of us are now extremely concerned about our level of health. The way we live our lives has improved, from the fact that we now eat home-cooked meals to the fact that we exercise every day.

Furthermore, those who have any kind of pre-existing health problem have to increase their level of caution even further. It has been shown that drinking a high quantity of two beverages over a period of time will really reduce the likelihood of dying from illnesses.

According to the findings of a recent study, individuals with type 2 diabetes who consume a substantial amount of coffee and green tea on a daily basis have a death rate that is 63% lower from all causes.

More than 42.5 crore individuals throughout the world are diabetic, according to statistics compiled by the Indian Diabetes Federation. The dangers connected with the condition can be reduced with treatment, but these medications are not without expense and often have adverse effects.

Modifications to one's lifestyle, like as going for a walk and eating foods that are fresh and healthful, are suggested in order to bring one's blood sugar level under control.

Green tea reduces diabetes risk, according to many research. It enhances insulin sensitivity and glucose management. Another Kyushu University, Japan study comprised 4,923 type 2 diabetics with an average age of 66. Participants who consumed four or more cups of green tea had a 40% decreased chance of dying during the study's follow-up.

Coffee reduces type 2 diabetes risk. A BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care research found that diabetics who consumed two or more cups of coffee per day reduced all-cause death by 41%.

The research found that drinking four or more cups of green tea and two or more cups of coffee unlocked the effect. The study supports everyday overconsumption of these two caffeinated beverages, however we advise care. Avoid sugary coffee and high-fat milk.

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