Best exercises for wider thighs

Place a barbell across your upper back and shoulders. Perform deep squats, keeping your back straight and pushing through your heels.

Barbell Squats:

Sit on a leg press machine and press the platform away from you. Adjust your foot placement to target different areas of the thighs

Leg Press:

Step forward or backward, lowering your body until both knees are bent at a 90-degree angle.


Use a hack squat machine to perform squats with a slightly different angle, placing emphasis on the quads.

Hack Squats:

Sit on a leg extension machine and extend your legs to lift the weight. This isolates the quadriceps.

Leg Extensions:

Perform deadlifts with a wide stance, targeting the inner thighs. Keep your back straight and lift with your hips.

Sumo Deadlifts:

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