Best shoulder workout for wider shoulder

Seated or standing, press dumbbells overhead. Focus on a controlled movement, engaging your shoulder muscles.

Overhead Dumbbell Press:

Hold dumbbells at your sides and lift them laterally until your arms are parallel to the ground. Control the movement to target the lateral deltoids.

Lateral Raises:

Hold a weight plate with both hands and lift it straight in front of you. Keep your arms extended and focus on the front part of your shoulders.

Front Plate Raise:

Hold a barbell with an overhand grip and shrug your shoulders upward. This targets the upper traps, contributing to a broader appearance.

Barbell Shrugs:

Use a cable machine with a rope attachment. Pull the rope towards your face, targeting the rear delts and upper traps.

Face Pulls:

Combine a shoulder press with a twisting motion. Start with palms facing you, press the dumbbells overhead, and twist your palms away at the top.

Arnold Press:

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