Georgia might demand cash bail for 30 new offenses, including several misdemeanors. (Part-2)

Failure to appear in court for a traffic ticket, whether it's a second or subsequent infraction, would also necessitate the posting of bond. Not showing up to pay a traffic ticket can result in a maximum sentence of three days in prison. After a someone is apprehended on a warrant for failing to appear, that is also the timeframe within which they must be presented before a court.

Bail requirements should be more stringent, according to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. Since Kemp is not running for office this year, but other state lawmakers might be, it's possible that Republicans are planning to criticize their Democratic opponents for being as lenient on crime as they were in 2022. Longer prison terms for some offenders are among Kemp's other anti-crime initiatives.

Some Republicans who endorsed Deal's initiative argue that it's not a betrayal of all that work since a clause that Deal supported that said judges should consider a defendant's financial situation when establishing bail is still in effect.

Republican Senator Brian Strickland of McDonough stated, "So much of what criminal justice reform was about was trying not to do a one-size-fits-all for every person." "Discretion is preserved."

The notion that courts would set extremely low bail amounts or that bonding agencies would be eager to embark on such cases was, however, challenged by Atlanta Democrat Josh McLaurin.

When we declare that jail is the place we want people to be legally and set up incentives for people to end up there, then those systems will direct people to go there," McLaurin said.

Protesters protesting Atlanta's planned police and fire training facility are still facing prosecution, which some Democrats have linked to the decision to slash bail money. The opponents of the proposal call it "Cop City." Three bail fund operators were among the sixty-one defendants indictments that Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr secured in September in retaliation for demonstrators.

A fund called the Bail Project has raised concerns about the decision to cap groups and individuals who do not fit the qualifications to be bail bondsmen to three individuals per county or city per year. The fund claims to have bailed out more than 1,500 Georgians from jail since 2019.