Here are five foods that are high in calcium and vitamin D that are beneficial to your bones.

Two essential nutrients for proper bodily function are vitamin D and calcium. The development, maintenance, and eventual strength of bones depend on both of these factors.

Vitamin D is mostly from sunshine, although calcium comes from diet. To avoid bone illnesses like osteoporosis, we must eat Vitamin D and calcium-rich foods. Thus, here are 5 bone-healthy Vitamin D and calcium-rich foods.

Vitamin D and calcium are found in fatty fish like salmon, trout, and tuna. It develops and strengthens bones while being healthful and nutritious.

Milk and dairy products like ghee, cheese, and paneer strengthen bones. Milk helps increase bone density greatly.

Green vegetables are nutritious, as demonstrated. Broccoli and kale are good calcium sources without dairy. Spinach belongs in this group, however oxalic acid prevents calcium absorption.

A diet high in soy products, such as milk, tofu, and edamame, is great for bone health. It is a good dietary choice for bone health due to its high vitamin D content.

In particular, the whites of eggs are rich in protein. But if you want to boost your calcium and vitamin D levels, eating egg yolks is a great choice.

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