Seven drinks that can cause you to put on weight and help you lose weight

Drinking alcohol harms health and weight. Small amounts of drinks and cocktails are safe, but regular drinking can affect your health and induce weight gain. Some alcoholic beverages are high in calories due to sugar in syrup, flavoring, etc., even if they taste good. However, weight loss requires monitoring consumption. These fattening beverages may help you cut back on booze.

A regular drinker may find it hard to forego a margarita, especially on a weekend or brunch. However, a little margarita may contain almost 35 grams of sugar, making it quite calorie-dense. Thus, rigorous dieters should avoid it.

Some Pina Coladas might ruin your weight reduction plan, despite their delicious taste. It has over 30 grams of sugar and 300 calories from sugar and artificial flavors.

Beer consumption increases abdominal fat. Increased beer drinking can induce stomach irritation, bloating, and weight swings.

Due to its fruit content and pieces, many consider Sangria drinks healthful. However, most sangria beverages contain sugary fruit-flavored liquids, which can lead to harmful weight gain. Therefore, they are not as healthy as you assume.

Many like to prepare their own cocktails and add rum and coke or other soft drinks to enhance the flavor. Adding the two will provide a "sweet" experience or sugar high.

As its name implies, Long Island Iced Tea contains no tea. Only gin, rum, triple sec, and vodka are in it. The quantity of components in Long Island iced tea makes it heavy in calories, impacting weight.

Always choose gin and sod water over gin and tonic. Sweet tonic is rich in calories due to its sugar content.

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