The RNC chairwoman pleads for unity amid a funding shortage and Trump loyalists' insults.(Part-1)

Las Vegas— On Friday, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel called on the party to unify to defeat President Joe Biden despite a budget shortage and criticism from far-right extremists.

On Friday, McDaniel addressed state chairmen and other top party officials in Nevada, a likely swing state in November, during the RNC's winter conference in Las Vegas behind closed doors.

“We Republicans will stick together, as united as the union our party long ago fought to preserve,” McDaniel declared, according to guests who requested anonymity to discuss a private event. "We'll have battles, but they're good and worth fighting for.

Mr. McDaniel is calling for party unity as former President Donald Trump and his backers try to terminate the primary despite his final major competitor, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. McDaniel won a difficult campaign for a fourth term as chairwoman last year, but now she faces far-right Trump supporters who are forming parallel operations that might conflict with the national party.

RNC campaign finance records this week indicate $8 million in the bank and $1 million in debt. The Trump campaign had $42 million cash on hand, whereas Biden's political organization raised $97.1 million in the final months of 2024 among its fundraising committees and completed the year with $117.4 million.

Biden works with the Democratic National Committee, which automatically backs the president. Due of Haley's candidacy, Trump loyalists' attempt to have the RNC proclaim Trump the “presumptive nominee” this week was scrapped.

Despite disagreements with the RNC, Trump has supported McDaniel. Trump skipped party-sponsored primary debates before the Iowa caucuses. But the party establishment and some of Trump's staunchest followers have long clashed.

A week of slander from far-right individuals led by Turning Point, a glamorous and well-funded movement created by 30-year-old media star Charlie Kirk, who failed to overthrow McDaniel last year.