1928 Atlanta $5,000 tops all lots

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At the Stack’s Bowers Official U.S. Currency Auction hosted during the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver on August 2nd, a remarkable find took center stage: a pristine Atlanta 1928 $5,000 Federal Reserve Note, Fr. 2220-F, fetching an impressive $129,250.

Described as “fully original,” this PCGS Very Fine 30PPQ-graded note captivated collectors with its impeccable condition and striking design, boasting robust margins and a centered layout that accentuated its powerful imagery.

The total proceeds from the Stack’s Bowers sale amounted to $2,300,756, inclusive of buyer’s premiums, reflecting the robust interest and enthusiasm among numismatists for rare and exceptional currency pieces.

Among the notable highlights of the auction was the sale of a newly uncovered Boston 1918 $1,000 Federal Reserve Note, Fr. 1133-A, which commanded $76,375.

Graded PCGS Extremely Fine 40PPQ, it stands as the finest known specimen for its catalog number, adding to its allure and value among collectors.

Another standout item was a Serial No. 1 1882 Brown Back $10 from The American National Bank of Deadwood, S.D., charter 4983, Fr. 487, fetching $64,625.

This rare find exemplifies the significance of low serial numbers in enhancing the desirability and value of banknotes.

Additional top lots included:

A Serial No. 1, 1902 $10 Red Seal from The First National Bank of Bellingham, Wash., charter 7372, Fr. 613, graded PCGS Extremely Fine 45 EPQ, which sold for $39,950.

Confederate Currency from 1861, including a Montgomery $500, T-2, graded PMG Very Fine 30, which achieved $39,950, and a Montgomery $1,000, T-1, graded PMG Extremely Fine 40 Net, realizing $32,900.

A Confederate Currency 1861 $5, T-31, graded PCGS Choice About New 58, which sold for $30,550, highlighting the enduring appeal of Civil War-era banknotes.

An 1882 $50 Gold Certificate, Fr. 1192, graded PMG Very Fine 30, garnered $28,200, showcasing the enduring popularity of gold-backed currency.

A 1928 $500 Federal Reserve Note, Fr. 2200-Ldgs, graded PMG Gem Uncirculated 66EPQ, sold for $25,850, underscoring the strong demand for high-grade Federal Reserve Notes.

An 1875 $100 Legal Tender Note, Fr. 169, graded PMG Very Fine 25 Net, realized $24,675, despite minor repairs and rust, demonstrating the enduring appeal of rare legal tender issues.

An 1886 $5 Silver Certificate, Fr. 263, graded PCGS Gem New 66PPQ, fetched $22,325, highlighting the enduring popularity of silver certificates among collectors for their historical significance and aesthetic appeal.

Overall, the Stack’s Bowers Official U.S. Currency Auction showcased a diverse array of rare and exceptional banknotes, attracting spirited bidding and achieving impressive results that underscored the enduring allure of numismatics.

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