CSU Rams TE Dallin Holker turns heads at combine with his long hair and now looks to do so with his play

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At the recent combine, all eyes were on Colorado State University (CSU) Rams’ tight end, Dallin Holker, but not just for his on-field prowess.

While his performance certainly caught the attention of scouts and analysts, it was his distinctive appearance – specifically, his long hair – that made him stand out from the crowd.

Now, as he prepares to transition from the spotlight of the combine to the gridiron, Holker is poised to make an impact with his play and prove that he’s more than just a memorable hairstyle.

With his flowing locks cascading behind him as he navigated the drills and tests at the combine, Holker drew comparisons to some of football’s most iconic figures.

His mane, reminiscent of Troy Polamalu or Clay Matthews, added an element of flair to his performance and set him apart from his peers.

But beyond the aesthetics, it was Holker’s athleticism, skillset, and determination that truly turned heads and garnered attention from NFL scouts.

Standing tall at 6’5″ and weighing in at 245 pounds, Holker possesses the ideal physical attributes for a modern tight end.

His combination of size, speed, and agility allows him to excel as both a blocker and a pass-catcher, making him a versatile weapon in any offense.

Throughout his college career at CSU, Holker showcased his ability to make tough catches in traffic, create mismatches against defenders, and contribute as a key blocker in the run game.

Now, as he sets his sights on the NFL, Holker is eager to prove that he has what it takes to compete at the highest level.

With the draft fast approaching, he’s been hard at work fine-tuning his game, refining his skills, and preparing for the next chapter of his football journey.

Whether he’s lining up as a traditional tight end, splitting out wide as a receiver, or lining up in the backfield as an H-back, Holker is determined to make an impact and contribute to his future team in any way possible.

But make no mistake – Holker’s journey to the NFL hasn’t been without its challenges.

From overcoming injuries to facing adversity on and off the field, he’s had to navigate obstacles and setbacks along the way.

However, it’s these experiences that have molded him into the player and the person he is today – resilient, determined, and ready to seize the opportunity that lies ahead.

As he prepares to hear his name called on draft day and embark on his professional career, Holker remains focused on his ultimate goal – to make an impact in the NFL and leave a lasting legacy on the game.

With his unique blend of talent, tenacity, and yes, even his long hair, Holker is poised to turn heads once again – this time, with his play on the field.

So keep an eye out for Dallin Holker, the CSU Rams tight end who’s ready to make a name for himself in the NFL.

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