Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $40 Million USD: 3 More Worth Over $300,000

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The realm of coin collecting abounds with captivating narratives and astonishing worth, with the Bicentennial Quarter claiming a notable position among them.

In 1976, as the United States commemorated its 200th anniversary, a special quarter was minted, imbued with both sentimentality and extraordinary value.

Let us uncover the saga of one such Bicentennial Quarter, valued at nearly $40 million USD, alongside six other quarters, each surpassing the $300,000 benchmark.

The $40 Million Bicentennial Quarter

Standing at the zenith is the Bicentennial Quarter that astounded the numismatic community with its staggering worth of almost $40 million.

Beyond mere currency, this quarter encapsulates a pivotal slice of American history. What elevates it to unparalleled heights is its distinctive minting error and impeccable condition.

Unlike its counterparts of the era, it was struck on a 90% silver planchet, lending it rarity and historical significance, thus rendering it an object of fervent desire among collectors.

The Double-Struck Error Quarter

Valued at over $350,000, this quarter is the outcome of a rare minting anomaly where the coin received two strikes.

The dual impression it bears renders it a one-of-a-kind collectible. Such errors are scarce due to stringent mint quality control measures, amplifying the coin’s worth.

Collectors covet error coins for their uniqueness, and this double-struck quarter is a prime example.

The Off-Center Silver Quarter

An off-center strike can metamorphose an ordinary quarter into a prized collectible. One such Bicentennial Quarter, struck 15% off-center on a silver planchet, commanded over $400,000.

The asymmetrical strike lends it an unconventional charm, while the silver content adds to its allure.

This amalgamation of error and material composition renders it a rarity in the coin collecting sphere.

The Overstruck Quarter

An auctioned quarter, overstruck on a 1941 Canadian quarter, garnered approximately $300,000.

This peculiar error ensued when a previously minted coin was erroneously utilized as a planchet.

The resulting coin bears impressions of both the Bicentennial design and the underlying Canadian quarter, rendering it a rare and valuable hybrid.

The Misaligned Die Quarter

A Bicentennial Quarter struck with a misaligned die, resulting in a partial brockage, was valued at over $325,000.

This error bestowed upon the coin a distorted image, a rarity in itself.

Misaligned die errors are sought after by collectors for their unique aesthetic and the narrative they convey of the minting process.

The Full Brockage Quarter

A Bicentennial Quarter, imprinted with the mirror image of the design on the opposite side, fetched a price of around $350,000.

This error occurs when a coin adheres to the die and subsequently impresses its image on subsequent coins. Full brockage coins are exceedingly rare, thus commanding high value.

The Clipped Planchet Quarter

Finally, a Bicentennial Quarter with a clipped planchet, wherein a portion of the coin is absent due to an error in the blanking process, was valued at over $300,000.

This type of error confers an irregular shape upon the coin, augmenting its uniqueness and worth.


The Bicentennial Quarter, particularly those with rare errors or distinctive characteristics, holds immense worth in the domain of numismatics.

These coins transcend mere currency; they embody historical artifacts, encapsulating a fusion of craftsmanship, error, and circumstance.

For collectors, each of these quarters represents a treasure, a tangible embodiment of America’s rich heritage, and a testament to the captivating world of coin collecting.

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