1882 $100 Gold Certificate Leads Currency Auction Past $10.6 Million

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An extraordinary hand-signed, triple signature 1882 $100 gold certificate, one of just two known examples, exceeded all expectations by fetching $750,000 at Heritage Auctions’ Long Beach Expo U.S. Currency Signature® Auction – Long Beach, contributing to a total of $10,682,198 for the event held on Oct. 5-7.

Part of a remarkable week of auctions at the Heritage Long Beach Expo, which saw the Harry W. Bass Jr. Core Collection Part I US Coins Signature® Auction reach $20,459,645, the Long Beach Expo U.S. Currency Signature® Auction – Long Beach achieved $10,682,198, while the second Long Beach Expo U.S. Coins Signature® Auction concluded at $17,875,326.

This collective success set a new record for any Long Beach Expo numismatic auction total, reaching a staggering $49,017,169.

The exceptional Fr. 1202 $100 1882 Gold Certificate PMG Very Fine 30 from The Allan J. Goldman Collection claimed the spotlight as one of the top lots, marking a significant moment in currency collecting history.

Only the first 9,000 of these certificates were hand-signed by Thomas C. Acton, making surviving examples exceptionally rare.

With the other known specimen residing in the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian, this note stands out as a remarkable find, securing its place in any esteemed collection.

Another highlight was the Fr. 2230-E $10,000 1928 Federal Reserve Note, PMG Choice About Unc 58, which soared to an impressive $504,000, exceeding its pre-auction estimate by $104,000.

This note, one of just 10 known for the type, holds the distinction of being the sole finest-graded 1928 $10,000 Federal Reserve Note available outside museum collections.

Equally noteworthy was the Fr. 2231-B $10,000 1934 Federal Reserve Note, PCGS Banknote Choice Unc 64, which fetched $312,000, more than doubling its pre-auction estimate.

This historic banknote, once part of the famed $1 million display at Binion’s Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas, remains a prized possession for collectors, with its unique serial number B00003059A adding to its allure.

Among the rare finds was the Fr. 1203 $100 1882 Gold Certificate PMG Choice Fine 15, which sold for $300,000.

Featuring the signatures of Blanch Bruce and A.U. Wyman, this note is one of just three known examples, making it a highly coveted item for collectors of historic currency.

Rounding out the high-denomination prizes was the Fr. 2220-F $5,000 1928 Federal Reserve Note, PMG Choice Very Fine 35, which fetched $216,000 after a surge of bids.

With just 19 serial numbers recorded for the 1928 Series, compared to 109 for the 1934 Series, this note stands as a rare and valuable piece of currency history.

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