1882 $100 Gold Certificate Now Worth Over $700,000

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An extraordinary hand-signed, triple signature 1882 $100 gold certificate, one of only two known examples, is set to take center stage at Heritage Auctions’ Long Beach Expo U.S. Currency Signature® Auction – Long Beach, scheduled for Oct. 5-7.

The Fr. 1202 $100 1882 Gold Certificate PMG Very Fine 30, boasting serial number A3386, represents a rare opportunity for collectors.

This privately owned specimen is the only one of its kind outside of institutional holdings, with its counterpart residing in a lower grade at the Smithsonian Institution since 1978.

“Series 1882 Gold Certificates, particularly those hand-signed by Thomas C. Acton, are exceedingly scarce due to their limited initial print run,” explains Dustin Johnston, Vice President of Currency at Heritage Auctions.

“With just two known survivors, including this remarkable example from The Allan J. Goldman Collection, this offering is truly exceptional, likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for collectors.”

Another noteworthy highlight is the Fr. 1203 $100 1882 Gold Certificate PMG Choice Fine 15, anticipated to fetch over $500,000.

This rare note hails from the first issuing period of Series 1882 Gold Certificates, characterized by minuscule print runs and notable scarcity.

Featuring the Signatures of Blanch Bruce and A.U. Wyman, only three examples are known to exist, further enhancing its desirability among collectors.

Also up for auction is the Fr. 2230-E $10,000 1928 Federal Reserve Note. PMG Choice About Unc 58, one of just 10 known for its type and boasting the finest grade, this note represents the pinnacle of rarity and condition.

With its significant scarcity compared to Series 1934 counterparts, it is poised to reclaim its title as the most expensive Small Size type note.

Joining the lineup is the Fr. 2220-F $5,000 1928 Federal Reserve Note. PMG Choice Very Fine 35, expected to surpass $150,000.

With only 19 serial numbers recorded for the 1928 Series, compared to 109 for the 1934 Series, this note holds a special allure for collectors, especially with its “redeemable in gold on demand” obligation clause.

Last but not least, the Fr. 2231-B $10,000 1934 Federal Reserve Note.

PCGS Banknote Choice Unc 64, with an estimated value exceeding $150,000, offers collectors a piece of history once showcased in the famed $1 million display at Binion’s Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas.

With its distinguished provenance and exceptional condition, this note is sure to attract significant attention from collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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