Rare Bank of Canada $500 Note Among Top Treasures in March 7-8 World Paper Money Auction

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The upcoming Heritage World Banknote Signature Auction, scheduled for March 7-8, promises to captivate collectors with a remarkable array of rare and exceptional banknotes from around the globe.

Among the highlights of this highly anticipated event is the exceedingly rare Bank of Canada $500 1935 BC-17 English Text PCGS Banknote About UNC 53 PPQ, a prized specimen that is expected to fetch significant attention and bids.

Despite the Bank of Canada’s announcement in 2020 discontinuing the usage of certain denominations, including the $500 note, these notes retain substantial value and allure among collectors.

Among the unredeemed notes lies a treasure trove of Canadian rarities, with the 1935 $500 note presented in the upcoming auction standing out as a pinnacle example of numismatic excellence.

Dustin Johnston, Vice President of Numismatics at Heritage Auctions, elaborates on the historical significance of the Bank of Canada’s inaugural issues in March 1935, which marked the transition to small-sized banknotes replacing larger format notes.

Of these denominations, the $500 note holds particular distinction due to its limited production, with just 20,900 English and 5,000 French variants ever printed.

The offered specimen, graded About Uncirculated with the coveted PPQ designation confirming its originality, represents a pinnacle of rarity and desirability.

With only 12 known examples in private hands, this offering presents a rare opportunity for collectors to acquire a piece of Canadian numismatic history.

The auction encompasses an eclectic range of banknotes from diverse countries and eras, each bearing its own unique historical and aesthetic significance.

For instance, the high-grade Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency 50 Riyals 1961 stands as a testament to the desirability of notes from the 1961 series, boasting exceptional paper quality and a captivating design featuring an oil derrick and coat of arms.

Among the offerings are rarities from territories such as the Turks & Caicos Islands and Iraq, each exemplifying the rich tapestry of global numismatics.

Additionally, notes from historic entities like the Kiau Chau and French Indochina provide collectors with a glimpse into bygone eras and colonial legacies.

With an unparalleled breadth and quality of offerings, the Heritage World Banknote Signature Auction promises to cater to collectors of all levels, offering a diverse selection of notes that are sure to enhance any numismatic collection.

Whether one’s interest lies in Canadian rarities, Middle Eastern treasures, or colonial-era banknotes, this auction presents an unparalleled opportunity to acquire extraordinary pieces of world paper money history.

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